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Getting a puppy for the 1st time

By: :Robert Pierce 0 comments
Getting a puppy for the 1st time

Getting a puppy for the 1st time

You are an animal lover and are enthusiastic to bring a puppy home for the first time. Puppies are affectionate tiny animals that are more adorable and playful if you spend time with them and involve them in your activities. But as they are tiny creatures, and can't understand the nature of time and are hard to resist from any chore, so think a lot whether you’ll tackle all their activities and can spend time with them and get proper knowledge about them if you bring a puppy to home.

So, you've brought a puppy, Nice! It's a thrilling as well as scary time for both you and your little puppy. You can be worried initially because a puppy doesn't understand what to do or not and may damage your belongings, i.e. can scratch your couch, etc., so ignore these mistakes for some time and have fun. Here are a few tips for getting a puppy for the first time.

Choose a name for your dog

The first and foremost thing full of fun after getting a new puppy to your home is to choose a good name for a puppy. This makes the feeling of familiarity and creates affection. But choose a name wisely, so that you can pay emphasis on the last words of the name, like "Jack", and "Jasper" etc.

Arrange good food

The accurate food is the basic need of all breathing being. Arranging good food is an essential most thing. Get ample knowledge of what is beneficial for that breed of puppy and bring a handsome amount of food. Also, consult a veterinarian for selection of food and about nutritional requirements.

Set a sleeping place for the puppy

Set up and arrange a good sleeping spot for the puppy. It will make your puppy learn to be confined within a selected spot. He’ll start feeling comfortable and safe at that place. Prepare a cozy bed for him ahead of getting the puppy to your home, so that he can take a rest there.

Puppy is not house trained.

As your home is also unfamiliar for the puppy, he doesn't know the places at your home for example your house is a "no-potty" zone. So, firstly confine your dog in some enclosed area when you are in some far place. After some time, make him learn to excrete at some confined place, and reward them for doing so, it will boost this ability.

Limit the area of puppy's confinement

Puppy knows nothing about your house until trained, so be careful in the beginning, as it may result is some disturbances, just, for example, you’ve left your puppy alone, he might steal your socks or may scratch your couch, or may steal your food to eat. So the best way is to confine them to some enclosed area.

Arrange a separate room for the puppy

The new place is strange for the puppy, as well as getting a puppy for the first time is strange for you, so try to select a separate room for your puppy where he feels relaxed and free from any fear. Also, you can bring any special confinement area for him. Gradually he will learn to go to the selected confinement area in case of any danger.

Provide a peaceful environment

The best thing that will make your puppy adjust to your home is to provide a peaceful environment. Even if he does something annoying, keep calm in that situation and make him train for that activity in a better way.

Help your puppy to be relaxed

Your house and the people in your house are totally strange for the puppy. Firstly, meet him with all of the family members. Devote extra time with him, to make him feel relaxed, play games with him. Develop some good habits, like put some ticking clock near his confinement area. Whatever he feels good, repeat that habit over time.

Spend most of your time with your puppy and make it a habit.

Change for the puppy as well as you are quite strange or in other words surprising. You as well as your puppy have to work for it, try to spend most of your time with the puppy until he feels comfortable with you. Bring some treats for him. Play with him, bring him with you when you are going to walk, or outside. Make him learn good habits.


Training, especially obedience training, is essential for a puppy. It will make him learn good habits for a lifetime. Obedience training may take time, but once your puppy masters these things, he will be more socialized and safer for the rest of his life. Obedience training involves obeying commands such as "Sit, No, Leave it, Stay, Come" etc. You have to pay special attention to it. As, puppies have a short-term memory, so repeating the same activities for a long period can make it their habit. Never forget to reward for better learning of puppies. Make them relaxed, easy, and with a jolly mood while training them.

The reward for good behavior

Always reward for good behavior. This will make your puppy learn good habits early. Never encourage bad habits, like if jump on someone or steal something, never show any positive reinforcement. When they bite you, show expressions of pain, and yell loudly, this will create a state of fear, and biting behavior will be discouraged.


Getting a puppy for the first time is strange and can be proved to be difficult. As both puppy as well as you are strangers for each other. Your house is an unfamiliar place for him. Make him learn things in a better polite way. Firstly, choose a nice name for the puppy, get ample food for the puppy. Make a sound place, confined room for your puppy. Make him feel relaxed with you and your family by spending more time with him. Get him trained for good activities and make him learn to obey your commands. The reward for positive activities and good behavior. Create a friendly, calm, and peaceful environment. Take superior care about his food, better to check with a veterinary nutritionist.

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