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How to train your dog?

By: :Robert Pierce 0 comments
How to train your dog?

Dog training

Training of dog can be done easily either at home by the family or in puppy school, while introducing new experiences and lifelong good manners. Your dog can be more socialized and will have a healthy and perfect relationship with your family and friends.

A trained dog is more sophisticated and doesn't get anxious while in a gathering. So make sure to train your dog properly, no matter what his age, breed, and temperament are. Training will make a healthy relationship between you and your buddy dog. But the dog has a very short-lived memory, so try to command repetitively and always give a reward after the accomplishment of the task.

If your dog knows basic commands then it's best for further training, no doubt these are helpful to tackle many problematic situations, but these may get refined for future use. So, let's start training your new dog from his very first day at your home. You must be wondering about the different techniques that can help to train a dog. You can make him take classes in puppy school or you can hire a private trainer, or you can train by spending time with him. So here we are introducing some common methods to train a dog, which can train a dog for few weeks only if you pay attention to train your dog at least for 10-20 minutes of the daily training session. So, let's start with some basic commands.


1: Sit command

    The first and foremost command, that is the easiest command to train the good, is "Sit", let's start with it. I have a simple and easiest method:
    • Hold a piece of meat or a chunk of food close to the dog, so that he can smell it easily.
    • Now move food from the head of the dog to downwards so that dog's head may follow the path
    • Once the head reaches the bottom, they say "Sit!", and give him a reward, and appreciation.
    • Repeat this strategy on daily basis, before every meal, before walk time, and whenever you consider it favorable to sit, until your dog masters it. After some days, it will become a habit for the dog to sit for every meal, also he will start to obey your order to sit.

    2: Come command

    This is a command for the safety of dogs when they are in the park and unfortunately, their scuffle breaks out and there is the possibility that the dog may start to run towards the road, or in streets and to make it sure that your dog considers it when you call him. This is one of the best commands that will help to keep any dog away from the danger.
    • Put a strong leash and collar on your dog for safety.
    • Gently go to his level and command "come" along with pulling on the leash.
    • Once he starts to obey your command, reward him with appreciation and food.
    • Repeat this on daily basis, and once he is mastered then remove lead and practice in a safe and bound area.

    3: Down or lay down

    As, commands direct control of your dog and you can use a varying degree of tricks either simple or complicated, like rollover, etc. Lay down or Down, is a comparatively difficult command for obeying, but the tricks that you use can make it easier. Just keep your dog calm, relaxed, positive, and fully comfortable during this session.
    • Find dog's favorite most and good smelling food, enclose it in your fits.
    • Now keep this fist in front of the dog's nostrils so that he can smell it easily and be attracted towards it.
    • Now move your hand to the ground so that dog's head follows it.
    • Now slide your hands to either position to engage the dog's body movement is synchronous with head's movement.
    • He will start bending his body downwards, while doing this command "Down" or "Lay down", and the dog will follow the command. After it gives his reward and shows gestures of appreciation.
    Try to repeat these procedures many times a day, for several days, but never encourage him to lay down.

    4: Stay command

    This command is useful if your dog is trained enough to obey "Sit". Stay is particularly useful when your dog is alone at a place and you command to stay at that place so that he might not run into streets or on road. So, keep your dog calm while training this command.
    • Command "Sit" and once your dog is Sit.
    • Then open your fist and hold your palm in front of you and say "Stay".
    • If he remains to stay, reward him with a treat.
    • Then go a few steps back and again hold your palm in front of him and say "Stay".
    • If he stays, then reward him and appreciate him.
    • Repeat the procedure by increasing distance.
    It is very difficult to learn, so it takes a very long period. So, keep practicing and rewarding until your dog is master of the command.

    5: Leave it / No

    This command is a little bit difficult, as it is an intrinsic desire for dogs to be curious if there is something good smelling.
    • Place some food in both hands.
    • Close one hand and make a fist with a treat inside.
    • Say "leave it" or "No".
    • The dog will try to lick, bark, and will try to get this also.
    • Ignore his efforts until he stops trying.
    • When he stops trying, reward him with a treat from another hand.
    • Repeat until your dog learns to obey at first order.

    Socialization of dogs and puppies

    Dogs can be socialized when they are meeting with people. Try to meet him with your friends and with guests and with other dogs, gradually all his phobias will vanish, and he starts to feel safe, secure, and will like to feel gatherings friendly. It will surely help him to behave in a crowd.

    Advanced training

    Once your dog learns all basics, try to train him by using more advanced tricks. This learning process continues throughout the life of the dog. So, keep practicing for the development of better lifelong tricks.


    Dog training is necessary. You can use simple methods to get him to learn in a better way. But never forget to reward him. Obedience training is very important and involves commands of "sit, down, leave it, stay and come" All these are especially for the safety of dogs. Sit is simplest to learn and stay more difficult to learn for dogs. Training for the socialization of dogs involves more interaction with people. After basic training, advanced training is necessary and this process continues throughout the life of the dog.


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